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At the Ritz!

“One might even argue that if an animal could choose with intelligence, it would opt for living in a zoo, since the major difference between a zoo and the wild is the absence of parasites and enemies and the abundance … Continue reading

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Metsavennad; a Brother of the Forest

Snow is dangerous, like thought. But both provide opportunities. Dazzle of reflected sunshine, crunching through waves and banks. Tried making skis: ended up waist-deep in powder as searchlights blasted the trees. A difficult balance: think too little and you forget … Continue reading

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Your home of bone and stone is strong, And it protects you. In it, you are sheltered: Rain raps against the roof; Light livens the long night. Outside, you are wary: Cold creeps into your clothes; Wolves wait within the … Continue reading

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An Inquiry Concerning the Four Types of Rain

Heat rain falls gently upon your skin; The small, sparse drops just wafting Down can’t soak through clothing thin. Fall rain through summer gathers strength, Sucks in water, swells buy CBD products a throng, Then slushes down through its long … Continue reading

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